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Sleep Pain Free for Less
Hazouri Adjustable Beds: Home and Patio Specials on ALL ComfortaireŽ products are now in effect. - Happy Couples choose ComfortaireŽ adjuable beds.

It is impossible to increase your level of comfort without first decreasing your level of PAIN!
It is for this reason our adjustable bed with it's AIR and MEMORY FOAM mattress was designed.
Adjust both the position of the bed and firmness of the mattress for the ULTIMATE SLEEP SYSTEM!

For the past 22 years, Hazouri Adjustable Beds has provided affordable relief for those who need it most.

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Mattress Detail


Adjustable one piece with air and memory foam mattress

Adjustable one piece

Adjustable Split Top with air and memory foam mattress
Adjustable Split Top
Adjustable Dual Split with air and memory foam mattress
Adjustable Dual Split
Testimonial"We realized the bed provided by Hazouri Beds offered the best of the big brand adjustable beds with air and memory foam but for thousands less. We liked the fact there was no pressure to purchase."
Jacksonville, Florida
Testimonial"My father lives in Jacksonville and proudly showed us the adjustable bed he had purchased from Hazouri. We bought one. I can truly say we have the best bed I have ever slept on. Yes, we saved allot of money, but I don't think there exists a better sleeping bed at any price!"
Key Largo, Florida

Hazouri Adjustable Beds
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(904) 384-9676